Our research themes and supervisors

We offer our PhD scholars the opportunity to undertake research within one of the following themes. Each theme has a number of ‘topics’ that supervisors who are experts in this area have proposed. Each theme also has two theme leads, who have an overview of the projects and supervisors within a particular theme. Applicants can contact the theme leads to discuss potential PhD proposals. Theme leads will help you identify potential supervisors at one of our universities.

Children, Young People and Perinatal Mental Health

Led by Professor Kapil Sayal (Children and Young People Mental Health) and Professor Helen Spiby (Perinatal Mental Health)

Common Mental Health

(Covers anxiety and depression)

Led by Professor Richard Morriss and Professor Steven Marwaha

Severe Mental Health

(Covers psychosis and forensic mental health)

Led by Professor Rachel Upthegrove and Dr Vivek Furtado