Common Mental Health Supervisors and Projects

Supervisor and University Project Area or Title
Dr Jonathan Catling (Birmingham) Impact of simple interventions of the mental, physical and immune health of university students
Professor Heather Flowe (Birmingham) Sexual violence and risk for developing and maintaining posttraumatic stress disorder
Professor Ole Jensen (Birmingham) Brain dynamics associated with cognitive problems in mild traumatic brain injury
Dr Isabel Morales-Muñoz (Birmingham) The role of sleep in the development of mental health problems in young people
Professor Traolach Brugha (Leicester) Common mental disorder life-course pattern, evidence and models for prevention and treatment for years lived with better mental health
Professor Martin Halliwell (Leicester) To be confirmed
Professor John Maltby (Leicester) Mental Health among Minority Groups: The assessment of core resilience factors
Professor Avril Drummond (Nottingham) Occupational Therapy interventions in common mental health conditions
Dr Sam Malins (Nottingham) The nature of differences between psychological therapists
Professor Richard Morriss (Nottingham) Neuromodulation in common mental disorder; digital intervention to promote self-management in bipolar disorder, health anxiety or loss of motivation in depression; safety of co-prescribed medication used in mood
Professor Alan Chalmers (Warwick) Mitigating the impact of flavour dysfunction on mental health and well-being through virtual flavour
Dr Anastasia Chamberlen (Warwick) Criminal justice and prison studies