Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity Supervisors and Projects

Supervisor and University Project Area or Title
Dr Jennifer Cook (Birmingham) Building a mechanistic model of socio-cognitive difficulties in Parkinson’s Disease
Professor Saiju Jacob (Birmingham) GAD antibodies and neuropsychological associations
Dr Tom Nightingale (Birmingham) Aquatic treadmill exercise to optimise brain physiological and mental health for individuals with neurological disorders
Professor Alexandra Sinclair (Birmingham) Mental health sequalae after mild traumatic brain injury: evaluating mechanisms and predictive biomarkers
Professor Jon Arcelus (Nottingham) Factors influencing wellbeing in trans and gender diverse populations
Professor Holly Blake (Nottingham) Evaluation of a supported self-management intervention for people living with a chronic condition
Dr Roger Knaggs (Nottingham) How is collaborative care achieved between healthcare professionals and patients when prescribing opioid medicines for chronic non-cancer pain?
Dr Kate Radford (Nottingham) Developing an intervention to support return to work and wellbeing for people following a critical illness
Professor Kavita Vedhara (Nottingham) Mental health influences on physical health
Professor Debra Bick (Warwick) Characterisation and impact of maternal mental and physical morbidity following severe birth-related perineal trauma
Professor Nicole Tang (Warwick) Cognitive behaviour therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) for people with chronic pain: effective treatment for sleep, pain, mood, and functional outcomes?
Dr Carla Toro (Warwick) Demystifying brain fog: exploring diagnostic and outcome measures