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Dr Helena Tuomainen

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Far-from-home inpatient care for young people with eating disorders during and out of Covid-related restrictions: a multi-methods study of young person, family member, clinician, and commissioner experiences


The aim is to gain a better understanding of the health/educational/social/economic impacts of far-from-home admissions to adolescent eating disorder (ED) units from the perspectives of the young person, their family members, community and inpatient clinicians, and NHS commissioners, working across ED units across the Midlands. Far-from-home or out-of-area admissions jeopardise family involvement in treatment, recommended by NICE guidelines, and increase the risk of poor outcomes across a range of domains. Covid-related restrictions have impacted family involvement and treatment further. Data collection will include questionnaires and interviews with (former) service users and family members and other stakeholders, and case record review.


Children, Young People, and Perinatal Mental Health


University of Warwick