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Dr Jennifer Cook

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Building a mechanistic model of socio-cognitive difficulties in Parkinson’s Disease


Although Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is commonly thought of as a “motor disorder”, a growing literature documents socio-cognitive difficulties and high rates of PD in the autistic population. The discovery of socio-cognitive difficulties in PD raises questions about the mechanistic role that dopamine plays in social cognition. A key question is whether dopamine is directly implicated in social cognition, or whether its impact on socio-cognitive function is driven by dopaminergic involvement in other processes such as motor function. This PhD project aims to develop a mechanistic understanding of the role that dopamine plays in social cognition. The resulting model will provide insight into the mechanisms underpinning socio-cognitive difficulties in PD and will have important implications for intervention.


Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity


University of Birmingham