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Dr Magdalena Chechlacz

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Connections between insomnia and chronic pain: neural mechanisms of accelerated cognitive decline and brain ageing


Older adults frequently report sleep problems symptomatic of insomnia, which can be exacerbated by chronic pain. Older adults with both chronic pain and insomnia are prone to higher levels of anxiety, depression and worse cognitive and psychosocial functioning. Both insomnia and chronic pain have been previously linked to brain atrophy and dementia. The PhD project will examine:

  • the effects of insomnia with and without chronic pain on accelerated brain and cognitive ageing (risk of dementia);
  • brain markers of accelerated brain and cognitive ageing associated with insomnia and/or chronic pain;
  • the associations between these brain markers and mental health as well as psychosocial functioning in older adults diagnosed with insomnia and/or chronic pain.




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