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Professor Christina Faull

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Psychological Wellbeing in End-of-life-care in the Context of Non-Invasive Advanced Respiratory Support: Understanding Barriers and Enablers to Best Practice


Non-invasive advanced respiratory support (NARS) helps critically-ill patients breathe by providing oxygen under pressure into a tight-fitting mask; however, many patients do not survive despite this treatment. Studies have shown that NARS is associated with poor psychological wellbeing (claustrophobia, anxiety, communication difficulties). In end-of-life care, NARS may be continued but is often withdrawn, and it is unclear how this affects psychological distress for patients and families.

This project will develop better understanding of the psychological wellbeing issues that patients and families experience around NARS use in end-of-life care, to improve and personalise care practices and experiences.


Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity


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