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Professor Nicole Tang

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Developing a Hybrid Chronic Pain and Insomnia Treatment for IAPT


Chronic pain is a disease, with pain lasting or recurring for more than 3 months beyond the expected time of healing. It is a global public health burden, with four of the top ten causes of years lived with disability being chronic pain conditions (Vos et al., 2012). In the UK, chronic pain affects more than 8 million people at any one time and accounts for 4 million GP appointments per annum (Belsey, 2002, Breivik et al., 2006).

Living with chronic pain can be challenging, as the impact of pain impinges on normal life from working outside home, driving, walking to sleeping, with serious financial and mental health ramifications. Most patients presenting at clinics have clinical insomnia that warrants treatment and see sleep as a top treatment priority. Yet, there is not a defined treatment pathway for dealing with insomnia within the context of chronic pain (Collard et al., 2021).


Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity


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