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Professor Jane Coad

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Exploring the mental health of children


Parents/carers of children with complex, long term conditions and needs have a critical role in both communicating and embedding messaging from health care professionals. They are the conduit of translating care and treatment from the clinical environment to children and young peoples wider environments. This includes the community,  family, friends, school and wider social networks. Understanding and addressing the needs of parents/carers, physical, psychological and social, is this central to improving children and young peoples health outcomes.

This project would focus on the mental health and psychological needs of parents/carers of children and young people with long term conditions with a specific focus on early interventions to reduce anxiety. A specific condition or need could be the platform for the project as there is limited research in the U.K. exploring interventions to reduce anxiety in this group of parents/carers. Coad is linked to CanTeen in Australia undergoing similar work.


Children, Young People, and Perinatal Mental Health


University of Nottingham