Our Research

Our research themes, approaches and details regarding upcoming projects for 2024 entry.

We offer our PhD scholars the opportunity to undertake research within one of the following five themes:

  • Children, Young People and Perinatal Mental Health
  • Common Mental Health
  • Dementia
  • Physical Health and Mental Multimorbidity
  • Severe Mental Health

Each theme has a number of projects that supervisors who are experts in this area have proposed. Each theme also has two theme leads, who have an overview of the projects and supervisors within a particular theme.

Applicants can contact the theme leads to discuss potential PhD proposals. Theme leads will help you identify potential supervisors at one of our universities.

Given the complexity of mental health and neuroscience, our bio-psycho-social approach to studying the five research themes will enable our PhD scholars to understand mental health issues from different perspectives, and develop diverse solutions, reducing service-user exclusion, addressing wider systemic challenges, and increasing treatment choices. PhD scholars will be able to use one or more of these approaches within their research projects. Each ‘approach’ has two leads. Applicants may wish to contact the individuals below to discuss their PhD proposals.

Research Themes and Leads

Children, Young People and Perinatal Mental Health

Led by Professor Kapil Sayal (Children and Young People Mental Health) and Professor Helen Spiby (Perinatal Mental Health)

Common Mental Health

Led by Professor Richard Morriss and Professor Steven Marwaha

Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity

Led by Professor Kavita Vedhara and Professor Holly Blake

Severe Mental Health

Led by Professor Rachel Upthegrove and Dr Vivek Furtado

Research Approaches

Person going in to an MRI machine

Neuroimaging and Neuromodulation

Professor Ole Jensen
Professor in Translation Neuroscience

Professor Stamatios Sotiropoulos
Associate Professor of Computational Neuroimaging

Laptop shining a rainbow light

Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Professor Theo Arvanitis
Professor of Digital Health Innovation

Dr Elvira Perez-Vallejos
Associate Professor of Digital Technology and Mental Health

Collection of data and code

Epidemiology and Big Data

Professor Terry Brugha
Professor of Psychiatry

Professor Blossom Stephan
Professor of Neuroepidemiology And Global Ageing

Silhouette of a person standing against a rainbow-coloured starry sky

Complex Interventions

Prof Avril Drummond
Professor of Healthcare Research

Dr Shirley Thomas
Associate Professor in Rehabilitation Psychology

A person painted in multiple colours holding her hands to her face

Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Justine Schneider Professor of Mental Health and Social Care 

Dr Elizabeth Barry Associate Professor in English

A person wearing rainbow shoes and a Pride flag

Mental Health of Minority Groups

Currently seeking leads 

2024 Projects

Recruitment for 2024 entry is now open.

Available projects are listed under themes and institutions.