Training Opportunities

As part of your ongoing development on the programme you will have various opportunities to undertake relevant training.

The programme endorses both core and optional training. As part of the requirements of your institution some of the core training will need to be undertaken as mandatory, while a variety of optional training resources can be pursued through your institution, the programme, or other avenues.

During the induction to the programme we run a Development Needs Analysis (DNA) session, designed around the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). This training session is aimed at helping you reflect on your training needs and start planning ahead in order to build up your knowledge, skills, and experience in support of your professional development.


Examples of Core Programme Training

During your time with the programme there will be core training days that take place across the four partner institutions. These days will facilitate opportunities to meet with your cohort and undertake relevant training and development sessions, which will be co-produced drawing upon your input and feedback

Past training days have included sessions such as:

  • Literature Searching and Literature Review
  • Research Conduct, Ethics and Integrity
  • Quantitative Research Methods – Fundamentals
  • Qualitative Research Methonds – Fundamentals
  • Mixed Methods Research Design
  • Public Engagement
  • Reflexivity
  • Co-production
Examples of Institutional Training

Depending on the institution your PhD is registered with, there will be different core and optional training. The below institutional links allow you to review the breadth of training available. Project supervisors will be able to provide you with further insight to the opportunities available at your chosen institution.

University of Nottingham –

University of Birmingham – 

University of Leicester – 

University of Warwick – 

Examples of External Training

Our PhD students have the opportunity to identify training of their choice that they wish to undertake as part of their training. These opportunities are identified in collaboration with your supervisory team.