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Professor John Maltby

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A Patient-Centric Approach to Menopause Assessment


Objective: This project aims to revolutionise the understanding of menopause in women, anchoring the measurement of their experiences within dialogic constructs. The goal is to transform traditional assessments into more relatable discussions for participants.

Background: While numerous measurement tools address the physiological and psychological aspects of menopause, there’s a significant gap regarding the patient experience. This research seeks to delve deeper, highlighting the wider implications of menopause in varied life domains.

Methodology: We’ll employ a dual approach:
1. Qualitative: Utilising personal narratives and interviews to uncover primary themes related to the menopausal experience.
2. Quantitative: Designing a structured questionnaire based on the qualitative insights for a comprehensive evaluation.

Key Themes:
1. Emotional and psychological implications.
2. Effects on interpersonal relationships.
3. Impact on work and productivity.
4. Shifts in self-perception and body image.

Applicability: The findings will empower various professionals, from healthcare to HR, to provide tailored support. The adaptable tool, developed from this research, will be fine-tuned according to diverse clinical or workplace settings, fitting seamlessly with the student’s specialisation.

This project promises to bridge clinical understanding and real-world menopausal experiences, promoting more open conversations among women. By introducing a dialogue-based assessment tool, we aspire to offer a holistic and relatable perspective on menopause.


Physical Health and Mental Health Multimorbidity


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