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Professor Joseph Manning

Professor Kapil Sayal (University of Nottingham)

Dr Yasuhiro Kotera (University of Nottingham)

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Exploring and Modifying BarrieRs to enhance ACcess to mental health support for Ethnic minority Children and Young People in acute paediatric settings: The EMBRACE study


Mental health problems are increasingly common among children and young people (CYP) aged 5-25 years in England. Although rates are higher among CYP from some ethnic minority groups, some of these CYP have greater difficulties accessing support in acute paediatric settings. Working in partnership with CYP, their families and other stakeholders, this PhD study will aim to understand what is working well for CYP from ethnic minority groups, and how we can enhance access and support by understanding and addressing barriers and exploring solutions.

The PhD will involve:
1. A realist review the current evidence on access to mental health support in an acute paediatric setting for CYP from minority ethnic groups, to understand what works, for whom, and in what context.
2. Undertake multiple case studies across three acute paediatric hospitals in England that vary in ethnic diversity and mental health needs of CYP. The student will collect and analyse qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative (survey and routinely collected data) data to map the support for common mental health problems that CYP from ethnic minority groups are accessing, how these vary by ethnic minority group, and what the outcomes they have. In addition, interviews using inclusive approaches with CYP, their families and other stakeholders will be conducted to explore barriers and solutions to accessing support for CYP from ethnic minority groups.
3. The student will synthesise this information together and discuss this with topic experts, experts through experience, and service leaders to make clear recommendations for practice/services.


Children, Young People & Perinatal Mental Health


University of Leicester

Specific Project Eligibility School of Healthcare, University of Leicester