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Martin Orrell

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Needs in people with dementia


People with dementia admitted to general hospital beds often have a variety of medical and mental health needs. Many such admissions can be for problems which with adequate support could be managed at home (eg urinary tract infections, falls with no bony injury, mild cellulitis) this could include hospital at home services and flexible home care. Nevertheless the process of hospital admission can also lead to a decline in function and exposure to other risks such as hospital acquired infections and delirium which can not only delay discharge but are also linked to decline in confidence and competence in daily living abilities. As a result discharges can be delayed and readmissions can occur. But little is known about the needs and capabilities of people with dementia who are discharged home from hospital and what factors may enable them to continue to manage at home or put them at risk of readmission. This study will follow up for six months 150 people with dementia who have been recently discharged home and investigate their medical, psychological, and social unmet needs, plus their quality of life and attitudes, and also the care and support they receive. This will help identify factors associated with readmission during the follow up period but also factors which can help to maintain them at home. The results will inform better targeting and provision of hospital discharge practices to help people with dementia have a more successful transition from hospital to home.




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