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Dr Wayne Carter

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An examination of sex-specific changes in the metabolome and proteome of the prefrontal cortex in alcoholism and depression.


Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression are often present in patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD). The high likelihood of the co-occurrence of experiencing depression and AUD likely reflects common pathophysiological mechanisms and neurobiological adaptations. To investigate this further, post-mortem brain tissue will be used to explore the metabolomics and proteomic changes in cohorts of patients with AUD, depression, and both AUD and depression vs age, and sex-matched control subjects. Identification of the metabolomic and proteomic changes in neurobiological pathways that have been altered in these patient cohorts will help direct future medical interventions. This study may also be undertaken in association with a co-supervisor undertaking real-time MRI imaging data from patients from these cohorts to supplement evidence of ongoing neurobiological changes. 


Common Mental Health (covering anxiety, depression)


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